Groundbreaking Solar and Wind-Powered Water and Lighting Project Launched in Carmen, Bohol

Nestled high atop a mountain in Carmen, Bohol, the Sitio Mahayahay community within Barangay Montesuerte stands to benefit from a groundbreaking project that leverages the power of solar and wind energy to revolutionize access to water and lighting.

Led by Sibol ng Agham at Teknolohiya Inc. (SIBAT) and MISEREOR, in close collaboration with the provincial and local governments, GlobalGiving, Anakata Wind Power Resources, and the Centre for Neighbourhood Studies, this initiative aims to confront the critical challenges of water scarcity and limited electricity access —persistent issues affecting the area’s 28 households.

By harnessing renewable energy, specifically Small Wind Turbines, the project promises to deliver a dependable water supply for both domestic and agricultural needs, while also providing sustainable lighting solutions.

The system is designed to produce a minimum of 5kW of power, ensuring the pumping and disinfection of at least 125 liters of domestic water per capita daily, while also supplying up to three LED bulbs for each family, seamlessly blending efficiency with sustainability.

Agriculture, centered on vegetable gardening, stands as the cornerstone of the community’s livelihood. The project promises to improve the residents’ way of life by supporting the irrigation of 28 hectares of crops. Additionally, the site presents a special opportunity to become a model for climate-resilient sustainable agriculture. With the right investment and development efforts, the local farmlands have the potential to stand out as exemplary examples of sustainable practices.

People’s Organization Leader Romeo Peligrino highlighted the significance of the undertaking, saying: “We only have water during the rainy season. When the dry season comes, our water sources dry up. This solar and wind-powered water system will surely be of great help to all of us here. Not only will the project provide water for our crops, this will also provide us with potable drinking water. We can’t thank enough SIBAT and Governor and Mayor for putting up this project.”

“What we are doing now is embarking on a journey towards self-reliance for our communities. What we are doing today is harnessing the power of nature to secure a future where access to clean water and household light is no longer a luxury but a constant presence,” said Bohol Governor Aris Aumentado.

Mayor Conchita Toribio Delos Reyes reinforced the government’s dedication to sustainable and innovative solutions, saying, “This project reflects our commitment to pioneering sustainable solutions for Carmen. By providing both clean water and lighting, we are taking a significant step towards improving the daily lives of our residents.”

“In addition to the transformative project at Sitio Mahayahay, Bohol is also home to two other groundbreaking renewable energy initiatives: the Solar-Powered Irrigation and Domestic Water System in Sitio Banat-e, Barangay San Jose, Mabini, and the Wind-Solar Powered Water Project in Ubay,” shared Estrella Catarata, SIBAT Executive Director.

These pioneering efforts underscore Bohol’s commitment to sustainable development and renewable energy, marking a significant step forward in the province’s journey towards environmental resilience and innovation.

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