The 2-kw wind turbine is a project of SIBAT and UP-EEEI (University of the Philippines Diliman, Electrical and Electronics Engineering Institute), funded by the DOST (Department of Science and Technology). It is currently on the testing phase prior to its installation in Barangay Looc, Lubang Island. SIBAT had built Small Wind Turbine Systems in Lubang Island and in Northern Luzon.

SIBAT is currently developing the small sugarcane press (powered by the micro hydro) for processing the raw sugarcane produce of upland small farmers. Sugarcane is grown in upland and have relied on traditional dapilan or wooden mill.

This method requires six hours of carabao work per day. The rigorous work results to lack of enthusiasm to produce in scale and sell to the market. With the ageing of the old mills, there is currently no local fabrication of dapilan.