Most poor communities in the rural areas do not have access to water system facilities that bring water closer to their homes or to their farms to improve crop production.

SIBAT’s Community-based Water Resource Development (CBWRD) seeks to develop water resources particularly those situated in far-flung areas for potable water supply and to support farm productivity through irrigation. Children and women’s burden of fetching water for long hours from distant sources are lessened and more hours are maximized for other equally productive activities.

Appropriate technologies include: gravity systems, hydraulic ram pumps and solar powered water pumps.

Aside from just implementing the infrastructure component, SIBAT’s CBWRD strategically aims to build the capabilities of community people to develop water resources in the areas. To do this, the program trained select community member on the fundamentals of technical survey work and basic water resource assessment design and planning. To sustain and manage their water system, they are likewise trained on basic project and finance management, leadership skills, policy development as well as technical operations and maintenance.