Ecologically-Sustainable farming  or Ecosus is a project initiative of SIBAT  with Capas farmers in 2009 described through  technological features of a garden plot  that is well-prepared  or cultivated soil; enriched with biofertilizer nutrients and spraying of  home-made nature farming concoctions ; installed with an efficient drainage system and UV plastic as protection against weather fluctuations and changes. The use of proven organic seeds and non-use  of any chemical or synthetic  inputs  are  also among the farming features that  slowly evolved 3 years ago when COFPC started.

The present  Ecosus as compared to the previous  1X6 meters or 6 square meters  garden plot has now a size of 4X6 meters or 24 square meters  4 covered garden  plots resembling the features of a mini-greenhouse. The effective or productive surface areas taking into account the alley distance between plots is about 20 square meters. One crop cycle of lettuce for example if planted simultaneously  would yield about 20 kilograms in about a month or 1 kilogram per square meters.  And with a farmgate of P80 per kilogram, will translate to P1,600 income for  1 Ecosus Mini Greenhouse. The farmer will also do relay cropping in order to continuously earn at least 400 pesos per week.

The cost of building a steel-framed Ecosus Mini Green house with a size of 4X6 meters  as per experienced by SIBAT is P12,000. Thus the payback period for the Ecosus Mini-Greenhouse infrastructure  is only about 8 months.