On Energy Sec. Lotilla’s appointment

Congratulations to Secretary Raphael Lotilla as the new head of the Department of Energy to lead the country’s energy sector.

We believe that part of the country’s underdevelopment that heightened poverty situations especially in rural communities is the lack of access to energy especially in off grid areas in the country.

Under our program called Community Based Renewable Energy System (CBRES), we in SIBAT together with local and international partners had taken the lead developing decentralized energy systems (CBRES) such as small wind system, micro hydros, and solar energy to provide lighting and power post harvest machineries and other livelihood uses such as welding, carpentry works and furniture making among others.

We are calling for the Department of Energy to support and promote pro-people and pro-environment programs like CBRES for the development of rural off-grid areas in the country and to protect the environment as a whole.

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